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Who would benefit most from Sonotron Therapy?


  1. Patients with chronic pain at their joints or muscle areas and had tried all types of medical therapies which didn't help much.
  2. Patients who can't withstand the side effects of drugs.
  3. Patients who had been diagnosed to have no evidence of damage to their joints or muscle areas but still suffer from pain despite taking drugs.
  4. Patients who had been advised to undergo surgery but would like to try another non-surgical modality of treatment before being operated upon.
  5. Patients who still suffer from pain problems after having been operated upon.
  6. Patients with chronic asthma and are getting worse despite all the medication taken.
  7. Patients with diabetic ulcers that don't seem to respond to drugs and surgical intervention.
  8. Patients who would like to hasten their rehabilitation after an attack of stroke.
  9. Patients who have chronic skin problems that don't seem to respond to treatment with drugs and topical medications.
  10. Patients with chronic gastritis.
  11. Patients with chronic migraine that don't seem to respond to conventional treatments.
  12. Patients with acute sports injuries.
  13. Patients whose swollen inflammatory condition does not seem to respond satisfactorily to conventional medical treatments.
  14. Patients suffering from any other ailment that had been suspected to be caused by the presence of excess free radicals.

Who may not get rapid results from Sonotron Therapy?


  1. Patients with no immediate pain.
  2. Patients with psychological pain.
  3. Patients whose condition needs surgical intervention e.g. abnormal growth of bone.
  4. Patients who cannot return for follow-up treatments.
  5. Patients who insist on rushing through treatment sessions despite advice against it.
  6. Patients with intra-articular Corticosteriods during the preceding 3 months
  7. Patients with intravenous or subcutaneous Corticosteriods during the preceding month
  8. Patients with oral or injectable gold during the preceding 6 months
  9. Patients with remission or immuno-suppressive drug during the preceding 6 months.
  10. Patients who are unable or unwilling to change habit to remove cause of problem.

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Chronic Neck Pain

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