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How does Sonotron Therapy work?


Sonotron Therapy has been postulated to work by many mechanisms of action. The following are some of them:

  1. YMT's Free Radical Hypothesis
    - Click here to read the hypothesis.

  2. Nerve Function Hypothesis
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  3. Collagen Protein Hypothesis
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How long does the effect lasts?


  1. The length of time depends on how serious the problem is and how long it had been in that condition.
  2. Whether patient reverts to old habits that had caused the problem in the first place, after the treatment.
  3. Whether enough 'Treatment Units' from the Sonotron had been given.
  4. Whether patient is healthy overall-wise. The more healthy, the faster the effect and the longer it will last.
  5. Whether patient follows instructions to return for repeat treatments.

How many Sonotron Therapy sessions are recommended for chronic patients?
Averagely, 5 to 10 sessions for most chronic problems.

How is Sonotron Therapy like?



    The patient is asked to do something he/she can't do without the problem e.g. pain on bending knee

    The patient is then asked to locate the spot with most pain.

    The spot is marked.

  2. TREAT

    Three 'Treatment Units' from the Sonotron, each lasting 15 seconds, are given to the marked spot.


    The patient is then asked to do the same thing as before. He/she assesses the result by himself/herself.

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Chronic Neck Pain

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