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What are the benefits of Sonotron Therapy?



  1. Drug-Free
    Sonotron Therapy does not require any drug to be used in conjunction with it to provide the beneficial effects of prolonged pain relief, rapid healing of diabetic sores, rapid relief from asthmatic symptoms, hastening the rehabilitation of stroke patients and hastening the healing of skin diseases.

  2. Safe
    Sonotron Therapy works by means of a Corona Discharge Beam which is the visible aspect produced when low radio frequency of 430 kHz, pulsed at a low sound frequency of 1 kHz is applied to an electrode situated inside the housing of a Sonotron Applicator. As these frequencies are very low, the energy that gets transmitted into the skin of a patient is very low (approx. 0.023 watt - equivalent to that required to power a pocket calculator). Besides, the application is totally external, thus a non-invasive mode of therapy. And the amount of time needed for each spot or area of difficulty ranges from approximately 15 seconds to a few minutes per session.

  3. Free From Side Effects
    Sonotron therapy which is a drugless, external and thus non-invasive method of treatment, does not produce any adverse side effect. Most patients feel slight and temporary warmth on their spot or area of difficulty during the therapy. In many ways, this warmth is beneficial and very much liked by patients.

  4. Prolonged In Therapeutic Effects
    Sonotron Therapy provides significantly prolonged pain relief to most patients suffering from arthritic problems, migraine attacks, gastric problems, trauma, sore throat - without drugs and without side effects, by means of its external, non-invasive method of treatment.

  5. Effective
    Most patients reported significant improvement within the first three sessions of Sonotron Therapy which is a drugless, external and thus, non-invasive method of treatment. Many suffering from chronic pain e.g. due to arthritis or sports injuries, were able to distinguish a big drop in their pain level immediately after the first therapy session. 
    Sonotron Therapy increases, almost immediately, the range and speed of motion of an arthritic joint.
    It is also effective for an almost immediate relieving of pain due to Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder, Stiff neck, Ankylosing spondylitis, Cervical spondylosis, sports injuries that affect muscles and joints and that cause swelling in tissues.
    Sonotron Therapy hastens the healing of diabetic sores and skin diseases. 
    Besides, it is effective for hastening the rehabilitation of patients after an attack of stroke and provides rapid relief of symptoms for patients suffering from chronic asthma.

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Chronic Neck Pain

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